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A Chemical Engineer from Institute of Technology, Gujarat University -2003 Batch Having + 10 Years of combined successful experience in Research & Development and Project Engineering (various Private Companies) - in the field of SPECIALITY INORGANIC CHEMICALS.

  • Specialty inorganic chemicals
  • Precipitated Silica
  • Sodium Silicates,potassium silicates,silica gel,sodium meta silicate,colloidal silica,
  • Zeolites
  • Magnesium chemicals etc.



We strives to become a global organization in all our products and services through our dedicate, team work and in partnership with our stake-holders, giving the best to all our customers.


  • To be the best in giving value for money to all our customers.
  • To provide opportunity to all our employees to achieve their highest potential.
  • To strive hard to retain the values.
  • To create infrastructure and logistics to support and widen our customers.
  • And above all be a fair trade partner in business.

The growth of the organization gained momentum every passing year and with experience and expertise kiran global chems limited has established quality consistency, timely delivery, optimal pricing, excellent customer service and thereby earned trust.



MODI group a name to reckon with today was born with the promise of the individual Alpesh Modi to excel in the work he did and today it is a commitment, becoming a mission for the company. Established in 2012 as a chemical consultant, it has turned into a large, professionally managed, conglomerate in the chemical industry. Today the group has an international presence with good chemical plant facilities overseas. All this backed with an efficient network to ensure accessibility to customers has helped earn the status of a leading player in the chemical industry. MODI GROUP MODI GROUP, which started with the CONSULTANCY of a single product sodium silicate for making detergents, has increased IN WAY OTHER CHEMICAL manufacturing units. The industrial usage in various applications has also widened. Subsequently, the product range expended to include other chemical intermediaries for Detergent manufacture. The industrial usage in various applications has also widened. Versatile product were aggressively marketed leading to their usage in several other industries building contraction ,paper,foundries,paints,ceramic,candle,textile to name a few.


  • Excellent customer Relationship
  • Domain expertise
  • Wide Network
  • Trust earned
  • Timely Delivery
  • Professional Approach
  • Quality consistency
  • Good will
  • Process Driven
  • All energies of the group have been channelized into adopting a market driven approach and all policies have been niche and territory oriented.



The M.S Jain Group has earned the status of a leader in the industry because of strict adherence to quality policies. The state of the art facilities along coastal towns aid easy access To port. Every unit is complete with laboratory facilities and equipped with warehouse, administrative machinery quality assurance laboratories and geared to scale up for large quantity requirements. Technically trained personnel assess all products entering or exiting a unit. Codes for recording data have been implemented with quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) tests, conducted to ensure batch to batch and unit-to-unit consistency.

Products traded are procured from internationally reputed vendors having the necessary quality certifications such as SGS. Built on a legacy of trust, the largest buyers are amongst the most reputed finished product manufacture in the country and around the world. The company has a customer profile that includes companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited(India),schlumberger(USA)MI Drilling(USA),ESAB(Germany),Kerala minerals and Metals Limited(KMML),proctor and Gamble India limited(P&G),National Aluminum company limited (NALCO),Henkel india,Hindustan Newspring Limited(Kerala)and BASF just to name a few and the list goes on..


The phenomenal success of the MODI Group should be credited to the attention paid by the management to develop the all important logistic network for business operation. The manufacturing units, complete with warehouse facilities, are established in port towns and connected to the market by a sizeable fleet of trailers.

Each manufacture Facility has been treated as a strategic business unit, operating on a separate revenue model. This Prudent strategy facilitates optimal use of available resources and bestows a definite price advantage to the customer. The well-knit network offers competitive, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable logistics, which have served to improve customer relations, reduce cost and to effect “on-time delivery every time”.

The strength of the group will continue to be the stamp of class achieved in product manufacture and the process practiced in the coming year, the group will establish many other units both in India and overseas. Steady addition to the product range will be the goal to multiply quantities in manufacture and trading. Committed to retain the leadership status in the industry, the group would penetrate unexplored regions of the world in the years to come.


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